Undertale Yellow Demo OST is the soundtrack album for the Undertale Yellow demo.

There are three main composers for the music: MyNewSoundtrack, NoteBlock, and MasterSwordRemix.

There are 17 tracks in total, with tracks 11-17 to be announced.

Tracks Edit

No. Title Length Author(s) Plays
1 Once Upon a Truthful Time 1:47 MasterSwordRemix During the intro.
2 Main Menu 01 1:07 MasterSwordRemix Main menu.
3 Enemy Approaching Yellow 1:05 MyNewSoundtrack Monster battles.
4 Fallen Down Yellow 1:07 MasterSwordRemix Toriel's theme
5 Ruins Yellow 1:31 MasterSwordRemix Through Ruins.
6 Howdy! 0:48 Noteblock During the Flowey encounter
7 In Darkness 2:59 Noteblock Within The Ruins.
8 Main Menu 02 0:53 MasterSwordRemix Main Menu
9 Justice 1:30 MyNewSoundtrack/MasterSwordRemix The game over screen.
10 Fever Pitch! 1:34 MyNewSoundtrack/MasterSwordRemix Fight with Decibat.
11 Enemy Retreating 1:40 MasterSwordRemix Genocide Route battles.
12 Seclusion 1:36 MasterSwordRemix Dark cave room.
13 Forlorn 2:44 MasterSwordRemix/MyNewSoundtrack
14 House Guest 0:55 NoteBlock Dalv's house
15 To Be Continued 1:10 Noteblock In ending credits
16 Fun-Sized 0:49 MasterSwordRemix During Micro Froggit battle.
17 Boppin' 1:05 MasterSwordRemix Never

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