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Snowdin is a location that will return in Undertale Yellow. Like in the original game, it is a large forest covered in snow, located right after the Ruins – though it also has another entrance to the Dark Ruins as well. There is a trailer released about the upcoming content in Snowdin.

Dalv constantly mentions about how Snowdin kids constantly tried to break into his house and the Ruins, and occasionally pranked him by placing Corn cobs on his doorstep every day. In a True Pacifist route, the player can convince him to remove the barricade from the Snowdin door, allowing free travel between Snowdin and the Dark Ruins.

Inhabitants Edit

Martlet Edit

Other than her appearance, not much is known about Martlet.

Other Monsters Edit

In the trailer, a series of monsters can be seen:

  • Two hooded monsters standing next to each other
  • Eskermit, a hermit crab-looking monster with an igloo on it's back
  • A pink whale-looking monster is seen with a bag of letters
  • Mo, a raccoon-looking monster wearing a suit, tie, hat and sunglasses
  • A tired snail-looking monster wearing a Santa hat
  • A pink squirrel-looking monster. Presumably the Snowdin Shopkeeper

Puzzles Edit

Only one puzzle can be seen in the trailer: a lava rock rolling down a trail.

Video Gallery Edit