This page is responsible for detailing the main rules for the Undertale Yellow Wiki. Failure to follow them will result in being blocked.

Code of Conduct Edit

Interpersonal Conduct Edit

  • No personal attacks or harassment. Please be polite and avoid using excessive profanity. Always assume everyone is 13 to avoid mistakes.
    • Offensive content falls into this category.
  • No NSFW content allowed. This is not a 18+ wiki. Pornography, excessive gore, any disturbing content is strictly forbidden. However, slight innuendos and jokes are permitted.
  • Do NOT mislead users looking for advice, or otherwise spread false information. Undertale Yellow is already shrouded in mystery, and this wiki's purpose is to help fans keep track of what has been revealed by it. Spreading false information completely ruins the point of this wiki.
    • Speculation is permitted as long as it's made clear that it's just speculative. Writing it in a way that makes it look canon is forbidden.
  • Violation of personal privacy will result in an instant ban. This mostly revolves around revealing information about others against their will, but pressuring them to reveal that themselves is also not allowed.
  • Do not roleplay. Do it in a private chat, please.
  • Sockpuppeting(abusing multiple accounts) will result in an instant ban for both accounts. If you absolutely must use multiple accounts, please inform the moderators of the wiki.

Editing Edit

Because this wiki is inspired by the Undertale Wiki, it may help to view their Manual of Style to know how to properly edit and create pages.

Do not:

  • Vandalize pages. Vandalism ranges from the following:
    • False information
    • Content deletion
    • Inserting nonsense/gibberish
    • Shitposting and memes
  • Create or edit pages that do not match the rest of the wiki's standards. Use existing articles as a reference.
  • Create new categories without the admins' consent, or add pages to categories they don't belong.
  • Add unnecessary trivia, or information that is not backed up by facts. If you're going to speculate, provide evidence or at least explain your line of thought.
  • Add unnecessary memetic and fan-art images to the wiki's gallery. If you must, then simply provide a link to the image.

If someone has violated the rules, inform an administrator as soon as possible on their talk page.

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